About us

Volunteer Service in Nepal (VSN) is a Nepali non-profit, non-government organization (NGO), registered with the District Administration Office of Lalitpur and the Social Welfare Council in Nepal.

District Administration Office Registration: 151.061.062 Social Welfare Council Affiliation: 17478 VSN was established in March 2005, and prior to this, the organisation operated under the name of CERV Nepal, which was established as a Nepali NGO in March 2003.

What we do

The fundamental philosophy of VSN is to provide sustainable assistance to disadvantaged socio-economic groups within Nepali communities, focusing primarily on displaced, destitute and orphaned children.

Creating self-sufficiency is our most important goal, and we accomplish this through education, health and hygiene education, teaching and community maintenance programmes. Where possible, we closely coordinate our efforts with other NGOs, INGOs, government agencies and other community-based organizations that share the same vision of enabling the lasting development and self-reliance of the people of Nepal.

VSN's Mission

To achieve empowerment and self-sufficiency within Nepali communities by helping others to help themselves.