Friends of VSN

VSN is blessed to be linked to and supported by several organisations across the globe (Friends of VSN), each of which help in their own unique way.

We have Friends of VSN in four countries – Ireland, USA, New Zealand and Australia - all of which are registered charities. If you wish to make a donation via one of them, or are interested in getting involved with their fundraising activities, why not get in touch and help them help us.

All our Friends will gladly accept monthly direct debits or one off donations or on our behalf.

Donations are made through VSN’s partner, Brighter Future Nepal, Ireland.Please tag all donations with the project you wish to support

Please note that VSN deducts a 10% administration charge from all donations received, in order to cover the costs of implementing, monitoring and reporting donations

When you set up your direct debit, or send your donation either by the donate button or via your local Friend of VSN, please ensure you state the VSN project you wish to support. Please also email confirming what you have set up, with whom, on what date and for how much.


Local Partner

Locally we are supported by our adventure travel partner Himalayan Quests. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Nepal, or know someone who is, why not the beauty of this Himalayan country through Himalayan Quests and help them, help us