Shining Stars Children’s Home Running Costs

Shining Stars is currently home to 23 children aged between about 14 and 21 years old, ranging from school class 8 at school to class 12, the final year of post school, pre university college.

Although the number of SSCH children reduces each year as they finish their class 12 education and thus our guardianship, running costs for the home continue to rise as everyday items get progressively more expensive.

The projected running cost for the home for 2015 is in the region of US$32,000, or approximatelyUS$1,400.00 per child for everything (excluding the pre university further education costs of the home’s School Leaving Certificate graduates) and we can expect at least a 15% - 20% increase year on year.

Although now healthy, happy, well adjusted young adults, this was not always the case and without ongoing support, their lives could dramatically change to one of poverty, no access to education, early marriage and exploitation on many different levels. It is a life such as this we are protecting our children from; the reason why we are educating them; the reason why we are investing in them. Through their education we hope to break the cycle of poverty by improving their chances of becoming self sufficient adults able to stand on their own two feet and give back to their family and community. In turn, we hope their own children, regardless of gender, will also be educated and thus afforded a brighter future, and so on down the generations.

Help us maintain our Shining Stars Children’s Home.

Just US$15 per month will cover:

  • Fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs and milk for 1 child for a month
  • New chappal (flip flops) and winter slippers for 1 child for the year
  • Emergency earthquake kit supplies for 1 child

US$20 per month will cover:

  • Dry food such as daal, rice, beans, flour, spices etc for 1 child for a month
  • 1 bottle of cooking gas per month (5 per month needed)

US$25 per month will cover:

  • School notebooks and stationery for 1 child for a whole year

US$50 per month will cover:

  • The monthly household goods budget for the home eg, washing powder, soap, toothpaste etc
  • The monthly bill for electricity, water and phone
  • A set of school uniform including shoes for 1 child
  • A set of new school text books for 1 child
  • Festival celebration costs for 1 child for the year

Donations are made through VSN’s partner, Brighter Future Nepal, Ireland

Please note that VSN deducts a 10% administration charge from all donations received, in order to cover the costs of implementing, monitoring and reporting donations