How can I help?

The fundamental philosophy of VSN is to provide sustainable assistance to disadvantaged socio-economic groups within Nepali communities, focusing primarily on women, children and young adults. In order to do this, VSN is totally reliant on the kindness and generosity of its donors to fund its projects. We are tremendously thankful for those who have supported the organisation over the years. You have made massive changes to the lives of hundreds of Nepalis from disadvantaged communities, whether the community is a school, village, women’s literacy group or children’s home.

You can help us continue our work in several ways:

Donations are made through VSN’s partner, Brighter Future Nepal, Ireland. Please tag all donations with the project you wish to support

Every donation however large or small is greatly appreciated and crucial to the success of the work we do.

Please note that VSN deducts a 10% administration charge from all donations received, in order to cover the costs of implementing, monitoring and reporting donations