Cultural Exchange

Our cultural exchange programme is for those who don’t want to be tied to any one programme, but want to experience Nepal in a deeper and more meaningful way than just coming for a holiday. It will be up to you to get whatever it is you want from your exchange. VSN will not organise activities for you or tell you what to do during your time here. Each and every person who signs up for this programme does so for very different reasons, and that is why we let you explore in the way that best suits you.

As a cultural exchange volunteer you will live with a Nepali family, living as they do to the beat of Nepali time. You will have the opportunity to explore and get to know the community you are living with, engage with them in their day to day lives, help out in the house and fields, celebrate their festivals and get a first hand understanding of life here in Nepal.

Given that this is a cultural exchange, you will also be expected to share a little of your culture and customs, enabling both sides to see how different lives can be lived in a non judgmental way and that each should be cherished for what they give, as they are just two different lifestyles in a world of differences, no one better than the other. You will also be able should you wish, to get involved in our other programmes, as long as your presence doesn’t impact on incumbent volunteers.

The most culturally rich time for this programme is during the months of September – November when Nepal’s two greatest festivals are celebrated, Dashain and Tihar.