Disabilities Day Care

Traditionally, Nepal has hidden away and stigmatised those who are different, providing little bar the essentials of food, water and shelter, and in some cases, not even that. As greater knowledge and understanding filters down, attitudes are slowly changing. Basic facilities, medical and educational are being made available for those with disabilities. However, these are often run by family or community members with no specialized training, just big hearts and a desire to help.

Are you interested in working with children and young adults with disabilities in a community run day care facility? Do you have specialised skills in such areas as physical, occupational and speech therapy, or just a passion to work in this field? There is a great need for volunteers to work with the students, who have varying mental and physical disabilities; the volunteer staff members and possibly even the parents. This day care facility does the best it can to provide a safe and fun environment with minimal funding, resources and little real understanding of the needs of each student. Given this, there is always a need for volunteers to work with the centre’s staff to help provide structure, interaction, engagement and if possible, offer training on simple specialised care processes.

If volunteers are interested in running workshops for the student’s families, we ask that they undertake some fundraising ahead of their arrival, in order to help cover the transportation and refreshment costs of the participants.

This is not an easy placement and thus is not for the fait hearted, but it offers volunteers the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of some of Nepal’s least serviced citizens.

Volunteers, who are in participating in the Disabilities Day Care programme, will be welcome to help out at one or other of our children’s homes during the evenings, weekends and holidays.