Women’s Education & Empowerment

Despite legislation stating that school is free and mandatory for all children between the ages of 6 – 11, many, especially girls fall through the education net. This is compounded by the disparity in the perceived value of girls over boys, early marriage and the mind set of “why educate a girl when she will just become the property of her husband’s family”.

Through this programme, VSN aims to support established women’s groups that are reaching out to community members who have either had no formal education, or who were forced to leave school prematurely.

To date our volunteers have been working with the teachers and students of three community groups and also at the Shree Shrada Women’s School, a small private school providing formal education for girls and women who have had little or no previous education.

As the title of this programme says, it’s about both education and empowerment. Education, whether it be English, maths, health and hygiene or simple life skills. Empowerment through the accomplishment of learning, the confidence it gives and the new skills the ladies are able to carry through to their everyday lives.