VSN's History

VSN (previously CERV Nepal) was created to offer help and support to communities in need during a time of upheaval due to the Maoist insurgency. VSN started by providing volunteer English teachers to government schools and help with community maintenance projects in remote communities outside the Kathmandu Valley.

As the insurgency continued and the stability of the country deteriorated, VSN was forced to withdraw its volunteers from Nepal’s remote areas and focus on projects within the Kathmandu Valley.

As a direct result of the ongoing civil war the number of orphaned, trafficked, destitute and displaced children began to grow, especially within the Valley itself, and VSN began to offer support and care to the many children that found themselves separated from their families and living in poorly run and corruptly managed children’s homes within the greater Kathmandu area.

Within many of the children’s homes we worked with, numerous issues came to our attention such as physical and emotional abuse and neglect that forced some children to beg or steal money and food, while others were trafficked into prostitution and child labour rings.

Our initial reaction was to try to provide every aspect of support and care for the children we encountered, both financial and material. However, with no control over the management of the homes we realised this was not a sustainable solution to these issues and at worst, we were condoning worst practice and supporting the exploitation of the children by the home’s managers.

It was through our work and commitment to these poorly run homes that we realised that to make a lasting and effective commitment to the children, we must have ultimate control of what happens in the homes and the ‘easiest’ way to do this was to establish our own home. Taking our first tentative step into running a children’s home, VSN established Brighter Future Children’s Home in March of 2004 with 8 children rescued from a run down and dysfunctional home for children with disabilities.

In 2006 at the request of the Nepali Government, we established Shining Stars Children’s Home with 28 children, all of whom had been trafficked into the Kathmandu Valley from the remote, isolated and backward North West region of Humla, under the pretext of a safe upbringing and education away from the clutches of the Maoist recruiters.

While focusing on running our two children’s homes, we continued to support other needy communities through Teaching English, Community Maintenance, Health Education and non VSN Children’s Homes programmes.

Due to many external factors we have had to evolve our programmes and are no longer running the Health Education and Children’s Homes programmes, but are continuing with Teaching/Education and Community Maintenance. In 2013 we introduced our Women’s Education & Empowerment Programme and 2015 saw us formalise our Disabilities Day Care placement into a programme in its own right.